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In the past couple of years, midi dresses have become a very popular choice among women. Midis offer an old fashioned look for every occasion. You can easily see these dresses worn by celebs in fashion magazines & on catwalk. Midi dresses are versatile and comfortable piece clothing. Give below are some important points which can help you locate the most striking midi dress!
1. The Right Size
Size is a very crucial element when it comes to picking midi dresses as they fall in between your knee & ankle area. Hence, you could have various options. Unless you’re tall, you’re better off avoiding longer styles as it might just give a feeling as if you’re dressed in your mother’s clothing. Look for a midi which is just beneath your knee since it would offer a much flattering length for an average woman. You may look shorter if you decide to go lower than that.
2. Print and Color
Another crucial point to note is your color and print. If you’re over careful about the lower part, then darker color options might be a superior option & also more wearable. These may include wine, grey, black and blue. Pick the top which is half in light shades for attracting more eyeballs. For petite woman, stay away from print with large color because it might make you look shorter. Make sure the print and color of your midi is simple & clear.
3. Shoes
Wearing suitable shoes is another important consideration! Midis can make your legs appear shorter than usual. Hence, flats may not be a wise option when you’re wearing a midi dress. In order to make your entire dress appear flawless, you could pick a pair of wedges/nude heels as it might help produce a longer visual appearance. A dark pair of shoes might draw attention towards your calf part as well.
4. Coat
While selecting a jacket or a coat, make sure it isn’t too long. A cropped jacket or a blazer might be good choice as it emphasizes your waistline & makes your dress appear perfect of your figure.
5. Accessories
Make sure all your midi accessories look simple particularly if your dress comes a fine print upon it. A decent choice of accessories can be selecting the same shade like your dress. 
In order to look beautiful in a midi, all you need to do is find a style which fits you appropriately.
6. Show Off Your Confidence
Last but not the least is to be confident in your midi. Confidence is one of the most important aspects when you want to show off your beauty more than any other thing including clothes, make up, etc.
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