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Petite Dresses Can Be a Wise Choice to Go with if You're Short
If you have a petite body figure, i.e., if you’re 5'4" or less, then you can consider browsing through various types of dresses especially designed for petite sized woman.
The key thing to keep in mind is picking dresses which actually fit you properly! Know that petite dresses are your best option as they are designed in a different manner as opposed to regular ones. The proportions can be changed for giving petites you a better fitting attire. 
When selecting the right dress for your body type, pick one with only a single color, preferably go with dark shades which can give you a simplified effect. Pick a dress that has a short skirt in addition to a pair of heels which can help you appear taller!
Below are a few tips for Petite Sized Women:
1. Make sure the prints are parallel to your body type.
2. Consider wearing 3/4 sleeves, on shirts, jumpers and dresses.
3. Wear lightweight clothes such as linen, cotton, & particularly silks when layering.
4. Pick monochromatic color styles.
5. Pick glasses/sunglasses which are parallel to you face & body.
6. Pick a handbag which can easily fit to your shape. Most of the times, oversized handbags may not be a wise option to consider.
7. The most common way for gaining a height if you’re a petite is by wearing heels. But, avoid heels which look too high, i.e., above 5 cm in length. This could make you appear out of shape.
8. There are a number of options available for petite dresses, however it is best to pick something that is knee length and close to your figure.
Stuff to Avoid at All Cost:
Stay away from wearing excessive jewelry. Also, avoid heavy jewelry stuff.
1. Petite dresses which are longer than the length of the knee
2. Shorts which seem to break off at the knee area
3. Shoes which seem to break your leg line such as sandals that have a strap crossing your ankle area
4. Opposite colors like a white top and a navy skirt when wearing separates
5. Flat stripes and thigh boots
When trying to appear taller, it is important that you extend your body which could be accomplished by using long scarves which are loosely worn around the neck area, or by wearing dresses with buttoned shirt. But, when you are trying to look taller, it becomes very necessary to wear one constant color from your shoulder to the hem. Also, the color shouldn’t be fragmented by a heavy belt. This might break you in half giving an impression that you’re shorter.
Finding the right petite dress might appear like a tough task, however if you’ve the right info of which clothes to wear & which ones to avoid, it isn’t that tough to look wonderful in no time.